A whole slew of news

My new iPhone!

So, it has been a while since I made a post on my site, but I have been very busy and have a lot of great news to share.  First of all, I have a new job working as a interactive designer at Hart Associates.  I am really enjoying the people I work with, and I am loving the different projects I am getting to work on.  Much nicer than my last job when I was stuck on a project for months on end with nothing in between.  I have also started my own company, Pixelementary (website coming soon!), and will be developing iPhone applications.

After I got the new job , Becca and I decided it was time for a move to a new home.  We have moved back in with Sam in our wonderful new house.  We even have a huge back yard now where we have been having a ton of bonfires.  We had a great time carving pumpkins the other weekend with Jean too!

Oh and I got a new phone.  It is awesome.  I know it seems a bit crazy to be so excited about a phone, but it is like having a mini computer in my pocket.  Which for me... is totally amazing.  I can check my email, update my statuses, and even control my home computer from anywhere in the world.  Anywho, I will update again soon.  For now, here's some pics: